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Our lessons are geared toward beginners or lightly-experienced paddlers looking to expand their skill sets. We have a number of experienced instructors that have many years of teaching kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding techniques to paddlers of all ages and skill levels. Our mission is one of education – we strive to deliver paddling best practices and promote safe kayaking and SUPing, both for our clients and staff.

Lessons are a great way to boost confidence on the water. If you are looking to do paddling on your own, or thinking about purchasing a boat or board, a lesson with Hudson River Recreation is the perfect way to ensure that you remain safe and have fun during all your future kayaking or SUP adventures.

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Why Choose Our Kayak Fundamentals Lesson?

Our recreational kayak lesson is intended for first timers and beginners interested in building a solid foundation for participating in kayaking. If you are planning on purchasing or have recently purchased a kayak, and need a refresher on safety and skills, this lesson is perfect for you! Let one of our experienced instructors give you all the tips and tricks to get you fully comfortable on the kayak. As well as all the essential skills, you’ll learn about on-the-water safety, types of kayaking, kayaking terminology and decision-making.

We will provide all of the necessary equipment and show you how best to use it while on the water! You can opt for a single (the more popular choice) or a double kayak – paddlers who are especially anxious about their first experience may feel more comfortable in a double, but the ultimate goal is to build your confidence in a kayak for all future paddling adventures. For this reason, we’re happy to include a voucher for a future rental at any of our 4 rental locations(opens in a new tab) so that you can practice!

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us(opens in a new tab) with any questions about our Kayak Fundamentals Lesson.

Stay on the water!

Participants that successfully complete this Kayak Fundamentals lesson will be given a voucher for a 1.5 hour rental(opens in a new tab) included in the price.

Why Choose Our Sea Kayaking Essentials Lesson?

This introductory lesson is perfect for paddlers who want to get more comfortable with sea kayaking. Taking place on the Hudson River, you will learn how to safely paddle on larger bodies of water. These are beginner-to-intermediate level lessons in full-length sea kayaks (between 14 and 17 feet long). Work with instructors to practice and refine your newly learned skills and get out on the water! Learn about water safety, decision-making, essential safety gear, basic touring kayak safety, rules of the road, crossings, basic equipment, kayak parts and terminology. These lessons are small, with direct supervision from our experienced instructors who will provide attention and compassionate learning experiences for paddlers of all skill levels.

Under the close supervision of instructors, you will have the optional opportunity to confront a paddler’s worst fear – tipping over! Expect opportunities to both observe and participate in basic self-rescue and assisted rescue techniques like the TX rescue and paddle float rescue.

We are only able to offer Sea Kayak Essentials Lessons as a Private Program – please see our Private Trips page for more info, and don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any questions.

Stay on the water!

Participants that successfully complete the Sea Kayak Essentials will be given a voucher for a 1.5 hour rental included in the price.