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Kingsland Point Park, Kathryn Davis Riverwalk Center, Sleepy Hollow, NY

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Our boathouse is located inside the Kathryn W. Davis Riverwalk Center, located at the northern end of two parking lots. Please note: the parking lots are arranged in a one-way loop.

Park anywhere, in the upper or lower parking lot and head to the white building at the northern end of the parking lot — it will be on your left as you enter the parking lot. From the upper level, take the stairs down from the pavilion area. From the lower level, follow the path toward the white building and head under the archways. Be on the lookout for our flag and our kayaks.

Kingsland Point Park is located a short walk from the Philipse Manor train station on the Metro-North Railroad’s Hudson Line. Express trains stop at the Tarrytown station, which is a short drive or a 25-to-30-minute walk from our location.

From the Philipse Manor train station, cross to the west side of the tracks. Then, walk south into Kingsland Point Park.

From the Tarrytown train station, hire a car for a brief ride to Kingsland Point Park. Or, on foot, follow the Hudson RiverWalk Park trail north — it will lead you past the Tarrytown Lighthouse to the south entrance of Kingsland Point Park. We are located at the north end of the park.

Dogs are not allowed on our Sleepy Hollow Kayak Tours.

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